Terms & Conditions


Handy Imports  main focus  is  in providing great value to all customers. We achieve our goal by

1.         Being on top of the supplier chain (Importers)

2.         Work of super low margins to drive a colossal purchase amount

3.         Use the greater bargaining power from the high customer interest to provide even more value

4.         Securing the best postage  rates from multiple leading couriers & using the most     suitable to your area. This reduces the chances of  bad  postage experiences while        saving you money. Our couriers include Australia Post, Fastway, Toll Ipec, Cope        Transport, Toll Express & Mainfreight.

5.         Rely on the effectiveness of word of mouth & customers interest in our relevant    special promotional deals rather than expensive marketing in keeping our customers    engaged & driving further growth.

With such a large product range, please be aware that there will occasionally be a case where an item is out of stock or there will be a delay when shipping your order.



As mentioned,  handyImports is a discounted store based on customers  interest & willingness to be a part of  it’s model of  large volume, multi-promotional  level subscribers.

These promotional levels at this stage include:

A.         Subscribed to our central Handy Imports customer database.

B.        eNewsletters

C.        Proposal non-binding quote.

D.        Review sharing for advertising purposes.


All promotions will always respect the following key parameters:

1.         Your time is NOT free. Hence, great value is guaranteed  in our promotions.

2.         Loyalty to us demands loyalty to you. Customers who have NOT purchased items             from handyimports  to be involved in it’s promotions will be required to pay a    subscription fee to join & receive the guaranteed advantages.

3.         Your right to unsubscribe at any stage & made conveniently so

4.         Never store your payment details in any way, so there is a zero chance to be charged         for being part of a promotion or for acting on a promotion without your direct,             intentional authority across a guaranteed secured site.

5.         Your right to privacy. You will only be contacted, if maintained as a subscriber      through contact avenues you have previously provided to us through an order. Your payment details are never stored & cannot be used without you making it. 

6.         Your right to no action, if not acted upon. We always seek to provide you with a   convenient  & seamless online experience. However, whether it is a pre-filled quote             or  eNewsletter or anything else we may engage you in, the golden rule on all our        promotions  is, if you not interested in the proposed product, simply ignore it knowing          you are not assumed to be committed to it.



  1. A.     Subscri ption  to our central Handy Imports customer database.

As we sell items through many different websites some of which may not allow you access to the sale’s details while still under the warranty period (example eBay 90days), we pour all invoices in one easy to navigate website & provide you it’s login details upon purchase.


How to join


How to unsubscribe



If not acted upon,

By purchasing any item from any handyimports purchase method




  1. Access to invoice at any time including at tax time
  2. Easy re-order
  3. Easy Return Postage quote request
  4. Many many more 


Nothing happens




  1. B.     eNewsletters


  1. (twice a week + the Killa Sale eNewsletter at the middle of each month)

How to join


How to unsubscribe



If not acted upon,

By purchasing any item from any handyimports purchase method

  1. None when joining by purchasing an item.
  2.  $49.99 (once off)  if not a handyimports customer or re-subscribing


Clicking the unsubscribe button on each eNewsletter


  1. Kept informed about new items
  2. First to about new spare parts, compatible items or similar items made avail
  3. Special exclusive offers


Twice a week & by coupon only Killa Sale mid-month 

Nothing happens


  1. C.     Proposal non-binding quote.

A promotional program in which you will receive a proposal to purchase a relevant item based on your last your order. Different customers will receive different proposals based on their purchase history on a weekly basis. Proposal are NOT orders and you will never be made committed to should you not wish to. Non acting on a proposal will automatically discarded. A commitment is made of including up to  $10,000 of savings by the end of 2014 from such proposals.

How to join


How to unsubscribe



If not acted upon,

By purchasing any item from any handyimports purchase method

None if already a joined

None if joining by purchasing any handyimports item

$175/pa for re-subscribers or non purchases



Replying to proposal "unsubscribe"

To be made available "unsubscribe button"


  1. Savings up to   $10,000
  2. Many many more 
  3. Random unannounced gifts maybe provided.


Nothing happens





D.        Review sharing for advertising purposes.

            Reviews made by customers on forums, websites listings or any other online          material may be propagated and announced on other websites for advertising           purposes. Your comments will be unaltered if used.


How to join


How to unsubscribe



If not acted upon,

By purchasing any item from any handyimports purchase method






Being part of the handyimports success model

Random unannounced gifts maybe provided.


Nothing happens






Brand New: An item that has never been used tried or experimented with & never been subject to any experience that may render it look as if it may has.

Brand New & in original condition: A brand new item that has all the original packaging material, spare parts, operation manual or any other material that comes with the item from the same batch. 


Dead on Arrival: A general inclusive term for all scenarios where an item did NOT work when received by the buyer

Damaged on arrival: Any item that bears the physical marks of physical damage (including scratches, dents & more pronounces breakages etc) when received

In Transit as schedualled: An item that is posted in line with a our posting within 24 hours guarantee & in line with the couriers estimated delivery time to the buyers postcode


In transit past estimated delivery timeframe: An item that is at in the possession of the courier at the time of inquiry but is past it’s estimated delivery time to the buyer’s postcode





handyimports offers a 12 months back to base warranty on all items warranty on all products. This is inbuilt in the price advertised & covers both domestic & commercial use. Most competitor’s offer only 3 months warranty on commercial use.


If your item arrives damaged or "dead on arrival", we will arrange a replacement and cover the cost of sending the replacement to you, sending the damaged or “dead on arrival” item back to us is at the buyers responsibility. Please note the damaged or DOA item must be returned before the replacement can be sent. All items damaged or DOA must be reported within 14 days of receiving the item.


After the 14 days if you have any problems regarding your item all postage costs are at the buyers responsibility. The buyer must cover all postage costs involved.

We have a Product Care program were we can also provide services to an item for up to 5yrs at an extra cost. As per pricing chart & summary bellow 

Naturally the warranty cover does not extend to damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, lack of maintenance, neglect, natural disaster, or other external causes; to damage caused by operating the equipment in a manner outside that described in the instructions. The warranty is considered void if the item has been modified, altered or tampered with by a person (or persons) not authorised by handyimports to provide service (not including standard periodic maintenance).

Consumable components (and accessories) such as carry bags, batteries, hoses, grinding discs, belts, cables, wheels, blades, blender jugs etc. are not covered by warranty. Also, items that of breakable nature due to physical force such as glass doors on a fridge etc are also not covered by warranty. We do however stock many of these replacement parts for purchase & may facilitate the purchase of parts in the event it is not already stocked.

In line with the Australian Consumer Law, we will work with you to resolve any issue to the satisfaction of both parties.

The terms & conditions included in each listing, the eBay user agreement and the winning bid constitute the contract between handyimports and the purchaser for the provision of products. Winning bidders are assumed to agree with full terms and conditions when buying handyimports products.


As an online provider, we encourage you to retain all packaging as this will assist you in the rare case the item needs to be returned for servicing or replacement.



60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What does the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee mean for you?

If your item was purchased in error, or you've simply changed your mind, Handy Imports has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for a period of 60 days after purchase. More details as below:

•           The item must be returned in original re-saleable condition with all tags and            packaging (ready to be put back on the shelf)

•           The item/s are NOT opened, used, worn or damaged, and are in perfect condition when we receive them back

•           That you DO NOT stick or write anything on the item itself or its packaging. Please          only write or place postage stickers on the outer postage packaging.

•           The item is securely packed to ensure it is received back by us in original and re-    saleable condition.

•           Handling fees will apply: $9.95 0-25kg / $19.95 25+kg. Either of these will be       deducted from the refund provided.

•           Returning the item & all costs involve are at buyers responsibility

•           The refund amount will also have original freight costs deducted. If the item was sent       with free postage, a 20% postage fee will also be deducted from the refund amount.

•           If the item has sustained damage in transit, or does not return as noted above, a     revised refund amount may be required.


If you wish to take up this offer, please undertake the following:


•           Send an email to support@handyimports.com.au stating your order number, the     item/s   you wish to return, and the reason for the return

•           Our Customer Service Department will review your email and, if applicable, approve         your case on the info that has been provided. Should the item later be found to have            not met the details under which the approval was made, handyimports reserves the          right to reverse it’s offer & forward all costs sustained to you the buyer.



Dead on Arrival

Many of our items are technical in nature. While there is always a small chance of an item missing parts, being "dead on arrival" or working only for a short time, keep in mind that we cover all our items with a comprehensive warranty - simply get in touch with our customer service team and they can easily resolve any issue. In the rare case where this occurs, please keep in mind that photos will be required to be emailed to allow confirmation and resolution of the issue. Your item may also need to be returned and inspected prior to any resolution being provided. The outcome of the inspection should take no longer than 8 business days from the date the item is received by our service department (times may vary). Handyimports may provide details allowing return of the item at no cost to the customer (check 'Returning Items' for more info)..

General Repairs

Until the nature of any fault is determined, the resolution handyimports can offer may vary. Please keep in mind that photos will be required to be emailed to allow confirmation and resolution of the issue. Where necessary, the item may need to be returned to determine fault/issue. Once the fault/issue is clarified, Handyimports may fit replacement parts or offer replacement parts to the customer. Other alternatives may also be offered at the discretion of handyimports whenever outside the terms & conditions of . While many spare parts are stocked in Australia, we may need to order certain parts from the supplier on your behalf. While specially ordered parts generally arrive within around 15 days, a small number of difficult to order parts may require up to 8 weeks to arrive.

In the above 2 instances, Handyimports may not accept the warranty claim in cases where the buyer has contributed to the failure, or been misleading in their description of their issues. Where freight costs were incurred by Handyimports to return your item for inspection, reimbursement to handyimports may be required prior to releasing the goods. The item is also to be returned to the buyer at the buyer’s expense. Freight cost not to exceed original freight cost. Where item was purchased with free postage, freight costs are to be set at 20% of the item cost. Payment to be made to handyimports within 14 days of being notified of warranty rejection. Storage fees to apply beyond 7 days at 5% of the original product cost until the credit expires..

Where money is owed to handyimports for repairs and/or postage, handyimports is entitled to hold onto the item until payment is made.

**Ensure you read the Returning Items info below prior to returning any product**

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.



If for any of the above reasons you are required to return an item, the following steps need to be followed:

•           Send an email to support@handyimports.com.au stating your order number, the     item/s you wish to return, and the reason for the return

•           Our Customer Service Department will review your email and, if applicable, issue you a Return Authorisation (RMA) number which must be included on the address         label. All other relevant information will be sent to you at this time.

•           Handyimports will not accept the return of any item/s without an RMA attached.

•           You are responsible to ensure the product is packaged securely to prevent any damage      during the return of the item. Failure to do so may result in the withholding of any    refund amount and/or our ability to provide further service.

To enable Handyimports to continue offering the very best price, freight arrangements vary depending upon the time that has expired since purchase.

1.         Within 60 days of the customer receiving the item, Handyimports may provide details       allowing return of the item at no cost to the customer (where freight costs apply).        Where the item was collected from our Smithfield warehouse, the buyer is responsible          to return the item at their expense.

2.         61-365 days after receiving the item, customer to return item at own expense.        Handyimports may provide a quote to use their courier service. Handyimports will not accept responsibility for any item lost in transit if an alternate courier service is used.

3.         365 days+ after receiving the item. Handyimports may be able to offer servicing of           item at customer expense. Once an RMA has been issued be sure to send your item   back within 3 days of receiving return details.



Products sold by Handyimports are not intended for use where fail-safe operation is required. As with any electronic or mechanical product such as an automobile, aircraft, computer or consumer good, there is always a small chance of a technical issue that needs to be repaired or may require replacement of the product or a part. If the possibility of such failure and the associated time it takes to rectify could in any situation inconvenience the user, business or employee, or could financially effect the user, business or employee then the product is not suitable for your requirements. This product is not for use where incorrect operation or a failure of any kind, including but not limited to a condition requiring product replacement, service by a technician or replacement of parts could cause a financial loss, loss of employee time or an inconvenience requiring compensation.






Our items are available for pick-up from Smithfield NSW, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (address provided following purchase). Pick up procedure is as follows:


1. Click 'Commit to Buy' within the eBay Checkout.

2. Do NOT Pay for your item through eBay. Doing so may result in your item being automatically shipped to you.

3. Visa/ Mastercard/ EFTPOS available at collection. Person collecting must provide eBay user name and photo ID.





Items may come with free postage or a postage cost depending on item & buyers postcode. Use the postage calculator in ea item listing to find out exact charge to your postcode if any.  If you would like to proceed

1.         Click 'Commit to Buy' within the eBay Checkout.

2.         Click Pay for your item through eBay, you would be able to proceed by choosing your      preferred payment method & finalise if item has free shipping. If item has freight         postage make sure you  click at request shipping charge & proceed. Your invoice will be automatically updated with this fright cost within 1 hour.


Dispatch & Postage Timeframe:


Items are dispatched within 1 business days after payment is cleared & is dispatched on same business day when paid for before 10am.  All deliveries are organised through third party couriers & are subject to their estimated delivery times. Buyers will be able to trace the delivery online with a unique tracking number provided to you by email & text if mobile number is provided in correct fields.

Responsibility for incorrect info:

Buyers have the full responsibility to provide us with the correct delivery address and mobile phone number on the checkout page before payment. Courier providers (not Australia Post) normally contact the buyer prior to the delivery day.


Any changes to address after checkout will not be considered as valid.


handyimports is not liable for any delay, losses and/or damage of items due to changes of delivery address after checkout, or mistakes made by buyers. This also includes failure to provide an answered phone number which is essential to facilitate delivery of  bulky freight. Please be aware that P.O Boxes are not accepted without prior arrangement & written authority (by email) as not all our couriers can deliver to such addresses & this may affect our ability to maintain the shipping quote provided on such basis. 


Where goods are sent through Australia Post, the buyer may receive a card in their letterbox indicating their item is available for pickup from their local post office.


Re-delivery fee will be charged to buyers for items that are undeliverable and/or returned to handyimports due to incorrect delivery address or unsuccessful delivery. Items will only be delivered during normal business hours (9am to 5pm) on weekdays. Delivery is not available on weekends, public holidays or after business hours.

We cannot guarantee door to door delivery for every customer. Buyers in remote areas such as farms, islands, mining camps, small towns, out-of-towners or living in multi-story resident buildings, etc may need to collect from their nearest freight depot or the door of the multi-story building (NOT unit)





To ensure a smooth transaction, please follow the payment instructions laid out in the eBay system. If you are new to eBay and unsure how to purchase, please send us a message by clicking on ‘Contact seller’ and our Customer Service team will be happy to assist.

If you wish to collect your item from our warehouse, please follow the instructions laid out in each listing.

We accept payments through PayPal, bank deposit, and Credit Card. Once your payment has cleared, we will ship your item within 2 business days. HandyImports is not liable for any unidentified payments or delays of delivery due to failure to follow instructions during checkout. For all payments outside of eBay, please note that we process many thousands of identical payments weekly so without the correct method/reference it's impossible to figure out which payment needs to be allocated to particular items. Simply send us the reference you used, the day and time you paid, and the amount deposited.

Some of our items sell with varying freight costs. Simply enter your postcode into the Postage Calculator on most listings to determine the cost to your area. eBay should update your Freight cost into the checkout process once you have committed to purchase. If checkout gets stuck and does not allow you to proceed, simply use your browser's Back button to return to the option and try again.

As always, if you have any questions, please send a message to our Customer Service team who are only too happy to help.



To contact our Customer Service Team, simply send us a message by clicking on ‘Contact seller’ and our Customer Service team will be happy to assist. While emails average a 2 business day turn-around please remember that peak time / holiday inquiries, technical inquiries or questions requiring specialist input may take longer to handle.


To provide the very best prices, Handyimports prefer email contact. Should you wish to call our customer service team, our number is 02 9756 2220. We are located at 167 Woodpark Rd, Smithfield for pickup. We have a showroom & you may be able to see your specific item amongst others. To save time, please bring the list of barcodes of the items you would like to inspect with you. This barcode is located in multiple locations on each item listing (made in red for easy find). We have computers available for customer’s use at our above address & you may use to facilitate any purchase after inspecting an item. 



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