The Secret is Out, Superior Customer Experiance Supercharging Our Growth

The Secret is Out, Superior Customer Experiance Supercharging Our Growth

A survey targeted at over 24000 customers who purchased from us in 2019 had almost a thousand involved. When asked what impressed them about our service most the answer was astonishing. Turns out having stock was not something that all sellers bothered with. In fact less than 10% off all catering equipment sellers will actually own an item at the time of sale. So when our customers realise that we operate from a 5000m² warehouse/showroom/office... read more
If You Are Not The

If You Are Not The "Throw Cash Off Balcony" Type, You Are Our Target Customer

Basically we have left you no reason to shop for commercial catering equipment elsewhere unless you prefer to throw cash on the streets than to keep it in your pocket. That simple. Now I know all claim to have the “best price” and you may not have the time to analyse the basis of such claims across tens of “Commercial Catering Equipment Providers”, so here we make it short and sweet clear argument for you. Let’s start with us having a warehouse and what that entails. Basically, most sellers are either completely online (have no physical presence), or have a small shop/showroom using demo items they don’t even own. When you place an order with them, they will then eventually work on getting you the item. Having a 5000m², means: 1. Higher successful transaction rate due to stock presence 2. Option of picking up, saving you $$$ on delivery fees 3. Shorter delivery time, as dispatch is mostly same day and is guaranteed to be withing 24 hours of payment 4. Lower price on item, since we buy in enormous bulk amounts and pass the savings that come from that to you 5. Better chance you will get the most suitable item, since you are able to better compare all the sizes in our warehouse/showroom/office complex allowing a seamless LOOK BUY GET transaction to occur But that’s not all, far from it. You also want to buy from us because 1. We have a huge range of 22000 branded items (such as Goldstein, Waldorf, Bonn, Luus, Bromic and 300 more brands) all at massive discounts. 2. We also import 5000+ items. So if the branded unit is still over your budget even at the discounted price. We got you an exclusive alternative!! 3. We won’t only match a better price, we guarantee beating it… So if you buy it elsewhere, you simply pay too much. 4. You’re buying from another successful Australian family business. 5. We allow flexible pick ups and deliver Australia wide including Australian offshore Islands (Norfalk Island, Christmas Island etc etc). 6. We are Silverchef approved, so we offer a rent option too. So you can Rent , Try Buy if you prefer 7. We have the best instalment rates if buying in instalments 8. We have a massive showroom allowing a Look Buy Get experience 9. We do cool rooms and freezer rooms (both custom-built and ready to go flat packed ones) 10. We do shop fit outs 11. We have specialised commercial real estate agents who can help you find a place if you have not started yet 12. We do rangehoods. Both mass produced pre-built ones to save you on cost and also custom-built ones if your site is tricky 13. We organise in-your-kitchen demonstrations for our most popular bench top units. 14. We offer on site warranty for all branded equipment (Australia-Wide). Meaning, you can buy with confidence even if you reside in a remote location we have a technician near you. 15. We have a Government Provider Number, allowing government institutions to buy now and pay later through the normal government scheme This list is by no means all what sets us apart from the rest but we promised to be short… Hoping to serve you soon in-store or online in our one stop shop…. ... read more

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