Fryers, Chip Dumps and Filters

Free standing fryers are useful if you already have a restaurant or you intend to launch one, there are some catering equipment that is a must need in this business; a free standing fryer is one of them. Free standing fryers are designed to fry large quantities of fish, chicken, chips, onion rings, turkeys and so on within a short time frame. As the name implies, it can stand alone. Their gigantic size guarantees safety and stability which is the basic requirement of any catering appliance. It is recommended for higher production capacity. In our fast growing technological world, who wouldn’t want to own a fryer that has an adjustable temperature control feature? The best-fried food originates from fryers with a standard temperature measurement. Different types of food will be perfectly crisp and brilliant at various temperature levels which are features you get to enjoy while using a free standing fryer. If you happen to be a chef and you really understand the basics of cooking, you should know the vital role temperature plays in cooking. Setting the wrong temperature on any cooking equipment can affect the overall rating of the food, from the taste to quality, to texture. However, the free standing fryer is thermostatically controlled which provides chef an option to set their preferred temperature range depending on the type of food they want to fry. It also provides special units to prepare their favorite meals while saving time and maximizing speed. Depending on your budget, you can decide to go for the single or double frying compartment, the gas or electric varieties. Frying is the fastest means of cooking food. A free standing fryer with an excellent capacity can fry a whole chicken within an hour. It is an easy-to-use equipment for cooking meals especially when you are expecting some visitors. Free standing fryers also offer cleanliness, safe operation and maintain accurate oil temperature; it is the right equipment needed if you want to experience quick and delicious meals.
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